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The twenty first century is the era of advancement in biochemistry. Air, water and sun stand as the most important elements for all the living creatures. However thought, the world there has been a decreasing in the availability of fresh drinkable water. And at the same time countries have increased their economy and made advancement in their technology, which has increased the amount of water pollution. Through out the world, beside 53 countries that lack of drinkable water, most countries have encountered severe water pollution. The question is how can we solve the problem of the shortage of availability drinking water.

As of now, we used about 3% of water on the earth because all of our drinkable water is from fresh water. Yet, 70% of remaining water is sea water. As law of nature, all water will eventually flows back to ocean. Thus, to solve our water shortage, we must think a solution that we can create drinkable water from seawater efficiently and economically.

Our company, Everrich, has been studying about water for more than 8 years. We have created techniques of transforming sea water to fresh water for more than 3 years. Our company goal is to solve the problem of water shortage but also helping countries that has evidence of water pollution.

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Special products: Sea-Water Distilled mineral Water making Equipment

A. S-family style - by litre
B. M-boat, groups use - by gallon
C. L-big-scale for water plant - by ton


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